GLP-1 prescription to help you lose weight

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Weight Loss
Consultation + Prescription
Hair Loss
Consultation + Prescription
Erectile Dysfunction
Consultation + Prescription

How It Works


Answer a few questions about your symptoms and health history —100% online

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A licensed medical provider will recommend and determine if treatment is right for you

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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Trèsor Health for? 


Trèsor Health is for adults seeking a holistic approach to address aging-related concerns such as weight management, hair loss, and erectile dysfunction. Our goal is to help customers improve their overall well-being through personalized, physician-endorsed therapy plans and on-going support from licensed healthcare providers, regardless of their specific age-related challenges.


Do I need insurance? 


Insurance is not required to access our services and products. The cost of treatments may vary, but Trèsor Health aims to provide affordable and accessible solutions to customers without the need for insurance coverage.


What states are you available in? 


Trèsor Health is available in all 50 states.


Are Trèsor Health doctors US licensed board-certified doctors?


All Trèsor Health affiliated doctors are board certified US-licensed healthcare professionals. The medical advisory board comprises experts in psychology, oncology, men's health, sexual health, neurology, and family medicine.


How long does shipping take? 


If a prescription is issued, we process and ship your prescription same day via UPS 2-day shipping.


How do I get in contact with support?


Feel free to email us at We respond to all emails within 24 hours.

Patient Testimonials

Ward F.

Charleston, WV

I haven't felt this good since my college days. 32 pounds down in the past 3 months. Thanks Trèsor.

Laura G.

El Paso, TX

I struggled with my weight for years, but with Trèsor Health, I lost 14 pounds in my first two months.

Ricardo O.

Houston, TX

I think my favorite part of Trèsor is how simple it is. Let's just say my wife has been a lot happier now.

Chris T.

New York, NY

I answered a few questions on my dashboard, and a day later my meds were delivered.

Phyllis T.

Houston, TX

They helped me lose 15 pounds right before my wedding.

Shawn M.

Miami, Fl

Great company with great staff.